In completing this project, I not only learned a lot about my current spending habits, but I also learned what it would take to realize what was once only a dream. Additionally, I learned to use many new tools and skills on my computer that will definately come in handy in the future.

The main tools that I used to create my budget sheets were Microsoft Excel and Chase Onlnine Banking Service. Another piece of technology that I was introduced to was a screenshot. Before this project I had no idea that some of the buttons on my key board even existed let alone how they functioned. A website that was instrumental in my familiarization with screen shots was the screenshot tutorial on wikipedia. This site not only taught me what a screenshot was, it showed me how it functioned, how to manipulate a screenshot, how to properly format a screenshot, and many other things. After learning so much about these screeshots, this forced me to become much more familar with Microsoft Paint and re-formating images. Within paint,  learned how to crop images, recolor them, and resize them. These skills are not only applicable to business but to my social computing functions as well. These are skills that I am glad to have learned and will definately use again in my future.  

I first used Chase to analyze how I have recently been spending my money. Chase online banking service provides a detailed account of my account. It gives me access to every single transaction I have made using a debit or credit card. It also conveniently organizes summary statistics so that I can more efficiently analyze a given data set. These types of services were essential to me organizing my data to a point where it could then be put into an excel spreadsheet.

After this data was thoroughly looked through, I used excel to summarize all of this data into a monthly budget spreadsheet. In order to make this first spreadsheet fully functional, I had to learn about using the formula feature. It turns out that there are many informational websites that will help you with this sort of thing. The one I relied on is called

When planning my finances in the future. I will definately look to chase and excel again. Both of these programs, especially excel, have many very useful mathematical capabilities that are very practical for me to use in my career and home life. Also, when I started my initial budgeting sheet, I made a template for future budgets. Now when I need to write up a new  financial plan or edit my current one, I will not have to start from scratch.

Other technologies I plan on using in the future consist of Microsoft Money and Etrade Financial. Microsoft Money is a program very simiar to excel that just takes its basic functions a couple of steps further. For example, I created my own template for future budgets in excel; in Money, budget templates as well as templates for worksheets, income statements, and legers are already created for you. Etrade Financial is an online stock trading function. I intend on investing some of my money into the stock market and this is an easy convenient way for some one my age to do it. In conclusion, I am truly thankful for the skills and knowledge I acquired while doing this project. It has made my real life more of a dream land…