Financial Management Project  

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Blues music is a genre of passion. It has its roots in a very dark time. During a time when there was great civil turmoil and deep-rooted feelings of hatred and racism, blue music emerged as a message of peace and graciousness. Most of these songs started as negro spirituals sung in the fields to manage emotionally the demanding labor and physical scourgings exerted by the “educated” white people of the time. Although I can not relate directly to the effects of racism, through blues music, I come to realize feelings of compassion and empathy. I have been playing the guitar for seven years now and I have always dreamt of writing/performing my own blues music to help to preserve a genre that is so passionate and expressive. This is important to me because as a man in today’s society, displays of emotion and love are often looked at as weak as inferior. However, blues music can break down walls and transcend society’s false pretenses regarding masculinity and emotion.

 There have been many before me that have realized this same dream and have or are currently using blues music as a medium for societal change. People like Bessie Smith, Muddy Waters, and John Mayer took steps to make their dreams reality and their lives can be made exemplary in trying to make my dreams the same. Bessie Smith was known as the “Empress of Blues”. She was a woman who commanded respect during a time when none was given to women, let alone a black one. Using her God-given voice as a medium, Bessie transcended boundaries of the time, built up a following, and played with only the finest of musicians. In doing so, she not only made her dream of being a musician a reality, but she also realized her dream, and the dream of many before her, of instigating change. This teaches me the lesson that if you have an ability or a talent and a passion for something, little can stand in your way. I now realize that passion can be poured into music and then through music into an audience. So when I begin to write my own music, this passion will be the cornerstone and will thus, speak to audiences. In a similar way today, John Mayer is working to preserve blues music as well as cultivate necessary change. With his passion for blues music, Mayer broke down walls between the lack of musicality traditionally associated with pop music, and with his guitar prowess, made the blues and its message something alive in 2008. He did this from tenacious action and attention to something that he loved. The biggest thing that I can take from these two blues heroes is to never quit chasing. It might be during that dark, tough time that the light is turned on and doors are opened.           

This being said I am blessed to have a great support system. Many of the people that are close to me honestly advocate my guitar playing and the chasing of my dream. I know that if I ever needed to call on one of those friends or family members for a favor, they would be happy to lend a hand and or turn on a light. However, this dream is one of magnanimous proportions and with these proportions comes many taxing implications. The first of these implications would be attaining recognition. Not only does this require putting together some kind of a demo cd, which can cost thousands of dollars if done properly, it also requires some basic form of networking. I do not know anyone, especially in Corvallis, that could begin to point me in the right direction of people to talk to and places to play. Additionally, I have not even had time to write the music I am trying to promote, nor do I even really have the right equipment up here, as my good-quality guitars are at my home in Phoenix. These are only the tip of the iceberg regarding potential dream deterrents. From here, the list gets more and more demanding…

 Eventually, I would need this to fulfill some sort of income needs if I truly wanted to pursue it. However, while chasing this dream, I could persevere and survive on the bare essentials. The music in itself keeps me happy; all I would need other than my guitar and other basic equipment, would probably be a supplementary job, a place to stay and the occasional meal or three… a day. So in this sense, I would not feel like I was sacrificing that much in the moment and this frugal lifestyle would make the realization of my passion a little bit less of a burden. Besides, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

Current Budget

Tim Kelly, Monthly Financial Manager

I am very blessed to have a substantial athletic scholarship that pays for my shooling. It also should be noted that my parents currently finance my cell phone expense. I bike to and from the places I need to go, so I do not spend any money on car related items such as gas, payment, or insurance.

Estimated Start Up Costs for First Month

Tim Kelly, Estimated Starting Dream Costs, 2008

Above, is a spreadsheet that summarizes the costs associated with the initial puchases and other miscallaneous first month expenses of my blues travels. In it there are three different scenarios that get progressively more expensive as they move from left to right. Also, as they move left to right my chances for sucess improve dramatically. The amount of money spent initially could greatly impact the quality of live sound and the quality of a demo recording. In my research, I found that the amount of money spent on a recording, immensely effects the quality of the sound produced. A major expense that I would incur would be a car to get me from to gig to gig. The good thing about this, however, is that it is a one time fixed cost and the impact of this expense would be greatly diminished over time. You’ll notice that in the projected costs, profits are not mentioned. This is because in this business profit is highly variable. Also, I wanted to finance this operation based on current situations as a safety net. After analysis, I feel that even in an ideal atmosphere, this dream is at worst attainable.


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