The Student Has Become the Teacher… 

The only tools that I used when creating and using this lesson were a computer, an acoustic guitar, a pick, and the on-line tuner application that I provided on the “how to” page. Although, tuning a guitar seems very simple to an outsider looking in; to someone just learning to play the guitar, it can be very frustrating. Luckily, there are applications, like the one given above, that make this seemingly daunting task straight-forward and trouble free.

Before starting this project, I thought that I knew everything there is to know about tuning a guitar. For years, I have managed to tune my guitar by ear or to a piano. During these several years, I also found that lugging a piano around is not exactly convenient. Finding this on-line application, and many of the other on-line resources referencing easy guitar tuning, has made even the life of an experienced guitar player, much easier.

Teaching people to tune the guitar, has taught me to tune up my communication skills. In completing this project, I learned a lot about communication across a different medium than I am used to, the internet. It has been said that “Body language is an important part of communication which can constitute 50% or more of what we are communicating” (Using Body Language). For me, this holds especially true. I find that I rely on body language more than average when trying to communicate. So me teaching a skill via the internet was especially difficult. I found that it was challenging to try to put something as complex as the guitar can be, into lam-ens terms and be very detail oriented. I also thought it was challenging to try to incorporate multi-media teaching aids and making sure that they were functional. I also found it hard, to convey standard guitar termanlogy to an audience that might have no idea what a “tuning peg” is. Finally, it was a challenge for me not knowing if my teaching aid was and is being well-received. I have a vast knowledge about my instrument; what I feel is simple and clear, could very well be confusing to someone without this knowlede. The skills I learned and difficulties I overcame, will help me in communicating even everyday things later on in life. I never realized how extremely valuable clear concise forms of communication are.   

While doing most of my preliminary research, I found many other informational websites that had a similar premise to mine. is site that puts a slightly different spin on the basic strategy for tuning a guitar. I found that in reading this site, among others, I learned a lot about speaking simply so that everyone in the audience can understand. The other resource that was a huge help was the online tuning application. This made the teaching of my trade very tangible to multiple audiences of all ages. Here are some other websites with valuable guitar insights:

Some Guitar History



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