Rosalind Franklin: the DNA of Innovation

Tim Kelly, 2008

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What is adversity? Adversity is commonly defined as a time of hardship or affliction. This imagery regarding trying times, can without a doubt, be applied to a subject matter like women’s suffrage. What do you do when the paths with which you would guide your life are dominated by egotistical males that are condescending to the very idea of your presence? Many women, especially in the 1920’s and 1930’s would give up and settle for a quiet life of mediocrity. Other women, however, stare adversity in the face and set their sights on greatness. These women are forever etched in history, as well as our memories, due to their determination and their contributions to our society as a whole. One of these epic societal contributions was made by Rosalind Franklin in early twentieth-century England, in the field of cellular biology and has vastly influenced scientific generations to come and continues to do so.

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