Teaching the Teacher Monday, Mar 3 2008 

I learned a great deal about what it takes to communicate over the internet. It takes clear, concise, and detailed writing that leaves no doubt in a given reader’s mind. When I think about how clear this class’s site is and how well it runs, I am truly impressed with Ms. Van Londen.


To Teach or Not to Teach… Monday, Feb 25 2008 

For a while, I was pondering what I should attempt to teach you guys. I came up with a solution. I love to play the guitar, and it has been made clear that many of you out there would like to learn this instrument. Well before you can play it, you have to tune it. I think that I am going to teach “the masses” how to tune a guitar. If you’re going to play, you’ll have to tune one at some point. 

Time to Teach! Friday, Jan 18 2008 

I love to teach… In a way, it is my job. During the summer, I coach youth players, in a variety of states, for a company called The Soccer Academy. So although the subject matter is very much different, teaching is kinda a hobby.