Challenges… Monday, Mar 10 2008 

I must admit, I got a little bit frustrated with trying to get my spreadsheet files into a .htm format. I eventually gave up on this task and decided to go with a .gif format. Although I still struggled with this, it proved to be much easier than its cousin. I am also glad that this happened because I learned a great deal through screenshots that I would have never known.


Money,money, money, money… Money! Monday, Mar 3 2008 

What a cool project! It really puts chasing your dreams into some real perspective. I am thinking about documenting the cost of:

Playing Pro Soccer

Putting Out a CD

Being a Youth Pastor

Traveling to Europe

It seems to me that doing this project will help me to actually make one of these things happen. Having an idea of what it takes financially to make something happen seems like an important step toward making a dream, real.

Financial Analysis Friday, Jan 18 2008 

Despite a recent decision to possible switch to marketing, I am currently a finance major. Thus, I hoping that this project is going to be a walk in the park. I’ve completed similar tasks to this one just to keep my life somewhat organized.