Sketchy Sketching Monday, Mar 17 2008 

This is hard! It seems so difficult to me to translate these ideas into pictures. I have gone through several drafts and have yet to find one that I am happy with. This is very demanding of my time…


Art Project (part II) Monday, Mar 17 2008 

Well that was a change in the winds. For the longest time, I thought that I was going to write as a song as a medium for my project. However, when I really started thinking about it, I decided to draw. I’ve been thinking about how unfairly women in this country are treated in comparison to their male counterparts and so I decided to draw. I think that I will try to capture the essence of the gender imbalance in the U.S.

As I have not really drawn since I was a kid, I will have to research different techniques used in black and white drawings as well as what implements to use. With no research, I feel that I will use everyday pencil and paper. I think there is something fundamentally cool about using something so simple to capture something so complex. Wish me luck…

Art project Monday, Mar 10 2008 

In thinking about my art project, I think that I have decided to write a song. I am not exactly sure about how it is that I will get this audio file on to the computer, but I guess thats why they call it brainstorming. This would not only give my site a nice theme, it is also the medium through which I am most expressive.

The “Pick” of Destiny! Friday, Jan 18 2008 

I love to play the guitar and write music. This being said, I feel like I know what I am going to do for this project…